Why do Teslas (and other electric cars) suck? 13/02/21

Electric cars are the future. Unfortunately, that is undeniable. In this day and age we have enough technology to develop electric cars with decent autonomy, good enough AI that can be used as auto pilot, and still make such vehicles affordable(ish). But there’s another undeniable fact: Electric cars suck! I’m going to address the issues that haunt specifically Tesla cars:

1. Teslas are the equivalent of Apple devices, but in the automobile industry.

Imagine not being able to fix your car by yourself, or even changing a flat tire. Let that sink onto your mind. No, Teslas aren’t easily serviceable, so only authorized repair shops are allowed to do repairs. It’s similar to having to take your iPhone® to the closest Apple Store. Not only that, but the repairs are expensive, so most Teslas that have suffered accidents end up in the backyard . This defeats the purpose of Electric cars being environmentally friendly, since the process of manufacturing those cars produces as much waste and pollution as regular cars. Teslas don’t even come with SPARE TIRES!

2. Letting an AI control your car is pretty dumb

Some people may argue that in a world where every car is connected with each other, accidents become remotely possible. This is true to some extent, mainly because most accidents are cause by human failure, BUT, everything has a point of failure and can be exploited. One way to make AI (or anything software that is integrated into vehicles) software safer is to make its code Open Source. But let’s be real, if Tesla doesn’t let you repair your own vehicle, they would never make their code easily accessible and free (as in freedom).

3. Elon Musk is literally the devil

He has divorced many times, smokes weed, and wants to control our minds by implanting a chip. I will NEVER let anyone implant anything on my body (unless it is necessary).

4. EA games, but its actually a car company

Tesla locks features and performance behind paywalls. Do you want your car to go from 0 to 60 in 2s instead of 4s? PAY FOR IT. Upgrading your Tesla is as simple as that, because many features and additional performance are locked by software. That means you don’t own your car. Instead, Tesla lets you borrow it from them for thousands of dollans. They could even extort people. Let’s suppose they program a bug that would make the car accelerate forever and also disable the brakes. Selling a fix for that would, as zoomers say, be very stonks! “Bu..but.. That is illigol!” Yes, that is very illegal and borderline psychopath, but hooge corporations already get away with pretty illegal things because they have… uh... basically infinite money.

5. You don’t own it

Let’s suppose that you have a political viewpoint that is incompatible with Tesla’s political agenda (if they even have one, cuz I don’t actually know). If Tesla really cared that much about it, they could brick your car and you wouldn’t be able to use it. They have control over your vehicle, so you’re not the OWNER.

6. Bad design

Seriously, just look at it! How is anyone supposed to drive comfortably and not like an F1 pilot.

So yeah, these are the reasons why I’m anti electric cars (mostly Tesla). The day System 76 invents their own cars (and keep everything Open Source), I’ll start supporting Electric cars. Everything that comes with too much technology is bad (such as smartphones). Bare in mind that regular combustion-powered cars may already have the issues that electric cars have, the only difference is that you're relying on fossil fuel.